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Business games started in 2002 from the passion to ‘make boring things fun’ and ‘to gain insight into difficult issues’. Over twenty years ago Gijs developed his first game in a garage. Now he is  surrounded by a team of enthusiastic professionals, all with different backgrounds. We work in a close team from our creative studio in Breda. In this studio we develop games that are used worldwide. Part of our team excels in guiding groups during live and online performances. Another part of the team develops playful custom games for the most diverse issues and customers, and another part works on the right ‘look and feel’ of all our materials. In other words, a balanced team of go-getters, who are happy to work for you with a lot of passion and expertise.  

With all our knowledge and experience, we can switch quickly and respond to your questions. We like to do things very well, or we don’t. This means that we obtain more than half of our orders through word of mouth. 

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Gijs van der Linden
Gijs van der LindenDirector at L.I.B. Businessgames B.V.
According to friends and acquaintances, my enthusiasm, creativity and entrepreneurship have made L.I.B. Businessgames what it now is.
At the beginning of 2001, I started developing my own management game model. At the beginning of 2002, I registered myself with the Chamber of Commerce as L.I.B. Businessgames. Nowadays my company sets the tone in the development and execution of live Business Games and that’s something I’m proud of!

Even now, I can still invest all my passion in dealing with my colleagues and customers, developing customized games, discovering new (international) markets and facilitating our Business Games. And….there’s still so much to do and discover!

The team

Samara Kalakoğlu-Couwenberg
Samara Kalakoğlu-CouwenbergSenior Project Manager / Designer at L.I.B Businessgames B.V.
Besides my tasks as Senior Project Manager, I like to immerse myself in designing (customized) games.
As designer I am responsible for the general look and feel of Business Games. I create the visual support for the various games, for the game brochures and for the website, of course with the goal of exciting (potential) customers for our products.

The atmosphere in the company is really nice, so I thoroughly enjoy my job. You’ll come across my creative excesses everywhere in the various media outputs of Business Games!

Danielle van der Linden
Danielle van der LindenManager at L.I.B. Businessgames B.V.
I have been involved in L.I.B. Businessgames since the start in 2002. A great deal perseverance, experience and expertise have made L.I.B. Businessgames to what it now is. Truly a valuable experience. What a beautiful company!
I use the knowledge that I gained from studying Psychology in various ways during the development of the company. Since a few years I am responsible for the finances, which I do with great pleasure. Due to the pleasant and open-minded work atmosphere, the short communication lines and the fact that everyone’s opinion counts is what it a nice company to work at. The Business Team is a great team in which everyone thinks along and continuously grows. I hope to continue working for L.I.B Businessgames for a long time!
Loes De Coo
Loes De CooEvent / Office Manager at L.I.B Businessgames B.V.
I can proudly say that I work as a Event / Office Manager for this young, dynamic and fast-growing company. At Businessgames I can give my creativity free reign and there are plenty of opportunities to continue developing myself. My main tasks are producing the various games and providing support to the project managers.
However, I don’t only work behind the scenes. You will also see me as an assistant during the execution of one of our games.

Every day I go to work with immense pleasure and hope to learn a lot from, and with our enthusiastic team.

Robbie Bos
Robbie BosTrainer at L.I.B Businessgames B.V.
In 2017 I started at Businessgames. The best decision I could have made! It’s such a joy to inspire and motivate people ranging from students until higher management.
The dynamics of our games are unique and infectious. I feel blessed to be a part of that.

When I am not working, I’m a real family man and I enjoy to play golf.

Nina van Kempen
Nina van KempenProject Manager at L.I.B Businessgames B.V.
As a project manager at Business Games I’m one of the points of contact for the Belgian market. After an inventory of your (learning) goals, we examine whether the use of a standard or a custom game can achieve your goals. In a fun way by experiential learning through the use of gaming is the starting point. From team building to making processes transparent. I enjoy going to work in an informal working environment with fun and passionate colleagues. It also helps that I get a lot of freedom to express my creativity. I would like to brainstorm with you about one of the many possibilities at Business Games. A bientôt!
Erik Boddeüs
Erik BoddeüsTrainer / Project Manager at L.I.B. Businessgames B.V.
With my theater heart and beta brain, I am actively involved in the development of our business games from brainstorming to performance. With every new client I take on the challenge to process the learning goals into a unique experience for the players. I see it as a puzzle to find a suitable metaphor for the wishes of a customer, so that the players acquire skills and knowledge in an unexpected way that they can apply in their daily work. I feel completely at home in the experienced and enthusiastic Businessgames team. Together we are building new ways of training, both live and online.
Celine Dekker
Celine DekkerGraphic Designer at L.I.B. Businessgames B.V.
Since the beginning of 2020 I can express all my creative passion working as a graphic designer at Businessgames and I take great pleasure in it. I make sure that the creative mix of the lay-out, typography, color and images in every game is aesthetically pleasing, clear and on-brand. It always gives me such a great feeling when a design is in its final stages: printed out and used for its purpose. I am not only designing the games, but also the presentations, videos and the website. To prevent digital eye strain, In my free time I keep myself busy with illustrating, making music and caring for a family of plants (17 and counting).
Martijn Snijders
Martijn SnijdersTrainer / Project Manager at L.I.B. Businessgames B.V.
With a background in psychology, civil engineering, and computer programming, I enjoy analysing and evaluating behaviour and systems. Combine this with a passion for board games, and the work within Businessgames seems tailor fit for me.
Not only does our team develop games where ‘hard skills’ take centre stage, we also address competences like teamwork, strategic thinking and communicative skills.
Developing a game in such a way that the learnings are ‘experienced’ rather than just ‘told’ is my goal.
The variety in the work at Businessgames is something which also appeals to me. One day you are deeply focused on how to convey your message within a game, the next day you are hosting that same game for 200+ people.
Jesse Aben
Jesse AbenJunior Project Manager at L.I.B. Businessgames B.V.
As a junior project manager I am really motivated to work for Businessgames. Organizing is in my heart. Specifically organizing to fulfil the customer’s wishes as best as possible. Businessgames gives me the space to develop myself as a project/event manager. Right from the start I got assigned certain important responsibilities and learned a lot by doing. Working in a dynamic and driven team brings out the best in everyone. I am lucky to work in a company that provides a true experience for their customers and it feels great to contribute to this.
Ragne van Engelen
Ragne van EngelenProject Manager at L.I.B. Businessgames B.V.
As the first point of contact for the French and Belgian market, I get to do what I like most: deep dive in the French language and communication (see also taalstudie.nl). Our business games give me the perfect opportunity to do so. During our Games, the Dutch and French speaking participants can fully express their creativity and inventiveness. I find it fantastic to be able to help our clients reach their goals. Our bilingual coaching will guarantee a great team building day that is especially interesting for all teams and departments where both languages are relevant. Thanks to our Business Games, you will experience an unforgettable day, and so will I!