Client: Asito

Target group: 120 employess

Goal: ‘Sales is there for the taking’


 Asito invited Businessgames to develop a game for them which would embrace the theme: ‘Sales is there for the taking’! To effectively achieve this realisation, the game was planned on the official team day together with 120 of their employees.

After an inspiration session in the morning (filled in by third parties) the time had arrived to bring, in an interactive and fun matter, what they had learned into practice. The participants were divided over three types of teams: client teams, Asito teams and marketing teams. Since it can also be informative to take on another role in the sales process. You then experience the client’s side of doing business (the requesting party). In the experience it soon became clear what was desired from a client’s perspective and what wasn’t.

To begin with, all the teams had to come up with a fitting strategy and mission for their team. In order to ‘sell’ this strategy to their colleagues they were asked to also make it visual. The teams that had incorporated Asito’s core values in their design had an extra strong start in the second round.

Then, it was time for action! Everywhere you looked you were presented with opportunities. Did the participants deal with these opportunities adequately? And doing so in a timely fashion? Who excelled in client contact? Did they make use of each other’s strong points? In conclusion, teams creatively presented their Added Value+ (Asito’s Business Model element).

Grateful for us helping them raise their employees’ awareness (“sales sometimes really is there for the taking”), Asito was in good spirits to start off the new year.

Category: Serious Games

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