Client: Den Hartogh

Target group: all new employees

Goal: onboarding program ‘Get to know the processes of Den Hartogh’

Description: logistic service provider Den Hartogh was looking for an advanced way to let new employees become familiarized with their operating process. Businessgames organised an interactive supply chain game at the headquarter of Den Hartogh in Poland. The participants needed to work  on a process-based manner and serve the customer in the best possible way.

At the end of the game, the participants got started on their own where the main goal was; to develop their own Business Game about their supply chain. As a starting point, the participants got (next to the Business Game) an introduction about ‘The basic principles for developing a Business Game’. After this basis was provided, the group enthusiastically started brainstorming in the city centre of Katowice, Poland. The total project was spread over a time period of three months with several feedback sessions. All the new-hires from Den Hartogh will play ‘The DNA Onboarding Game!’ from 2016 on. A beautiful introduction for this organisation.

Category: Employer Branding Games

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