Client: Slachtofferhulp Nederland

Target group: all 2500 case managers

Goal:  Introduction of the new core values

Description: The victim’s aid organisation, Slachtofferhulp Nederland, has recently developed new core values and wanted to present them in a unique manner to the entire organisation, so from head office down to front-line care providers. The new core values are: decisive, dependable and expert. By applying a Serious Game, their staff could experience the new core values in an interactive, informative and fun manner. And experiencing means remembering, as we always say! The advantage of this form of training is that it not only develops knowledge, but behaviour and skills can also be practised.

The participants went to work on core values in three rounds. The first round was all about recognising the values and classifying the associated sub-values. In round two, it became clear with the help of video fragments of victims just why these three core values are so important. Each participant came up with an example from their own everyday practice. In the third round everyone went to work together to solve cases. What is the right way to act and react? Everyone was kept busy with content, but in a fun way.

We delivered in total 100 game sets for Slachtofferhulp Nederland, so they could give the training internally themselves.

Category: Management Games

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