The Connection

Data Quality and Information Transfer

Why is a proper information transfer so important for good collaboration? In this data quality game, the participants learn what issues come up with qualitative data. The importance of correct data, collaboration between departments and their inter-dependency are the key topics.
With their team, the participants represent a region within a country. Together they build a road network in that country. They are responsible for the construction within their own region and have to make sure that it becomes one road network. The network will be build based on the available data, but what if that data turns out to be incorrect?

Action, energy and fun

This unique game is filled to the brim with action, energy and fun. The road network serves as a clear and expressive metaphor. Shortcomings in data and collaboration are immediately visible and ultimately produce poor results in terms of money, quality and customer satisfaction. The Connection is a valuable game in which participants learn what it means to depend on each other and why it’s so important that everyone works with due care, so that others can move forward and the common goal can be reached. If everyone here does their bit, building the road network is an easy goal to realize.

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Customized Serious Games

We have developed a number of proven and interactive game models for any training goal. We regularly develop customized Serious Games. We do this in two ways: by inserting your content in our existing models and by developing unique customized concepts that fit perfectly with your processes. Completely geared to your needs and your learning goals! See below some examples of customized concepts that we’ve developed for our customers.