Detect & Connect

What to expect?

A mysterious crime has taken place and all help is needed to solve it!
Forming and deepening relationships in a remote setting is not easy. But the Detect & Connect Game is customed to facilitate the discovery of a maximum of connections and conversations in your team. As true detectives, you will have to dig through your clues to uncover, among other things, the Murderer, Murder Weapon and Location. Can you unravel the thread of intrigue?


The entire group is split into teams of 5-6 participants. Each team receives an invitation letter via email with instructions and a link to join the meeting on gameday.
Detect & Connect: Murder Mystery Briefing
All participants gather in a conference call. The game facilitator welcomes participants and recaps the objective and mission of the Detect & Connect game and how we’ll organise logistically.
Detect & Connect: Gathering Code Breaks
Participants connect per team in separate breakout rooms or conference calls. Together, teams complete challenges given by Inspector Lucy the Chatbot to earn maximum Code Breaks in the time available. Teams will be in constant contact with a live facilitator, who will support them throughout.
Detect & Connect: Solving the Murder Mystery
With the obtained Code Breaks, clues have been revealed about the case. The detectives go to their Murder Mystery Miro board to try to solve the crime. They need to unravel the following: the murderer, victim, the location of the murder, the murder weapon, the victim’s last meeting, the hacked department and finally the motive.
Detect & Connect: Investigation Report
Teams gather back in the main call. During the review of the investigation report, we share footage of the game and input from the detective units. At the end of the game, an elite detective team will be chosen as the winner!

Learning Points & Customisation

-All challenges are designed to have a fun and interactive day, as well as to strengthen key skills involved in remote work. This includes effective communication and problem-solving skills. Teams learn to become more decisive, to multitask and to work better under pressure. The various challenges can of course be fully adapted to your wishes, learning goals and company brand. This virtual game is suitable for 8 to 500 employees per session. Would you like to let your team experience this unique game? Then contact us and ask about the possibilities.

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